Hello and welcome

Five Points Meat Market at 3049 East Main Street, formerly known as Main Street Meats, is proud to bring you that old school butcher shop tradition. In taking over a centennial business, we fully intend to continue with a tradition of community and excellence in service of the old school butcher.

We provide the quality products that our customers demand. Sourcing Harris Ranch with their heritage herds allows us to provide you with a foundation for amazing meals and preparation. If poultry is what you desire, we also source organic chicken for the best opportunity in your cooking and dining experience. Currently we do offer various other game animal products such as Elk, Wild Boar Sausage, Ground Venison and Ground Buffalo with other products in the works.

Community and Family Tradition

As a third family to operate in this location coupled with the family history that ties us to this community and the land we call home, we vow to provide honesty and integrity in products and transparency of our products. Our family history in the founding of California in both the history of the Missions and Joseph Chapman, along with Chumash heritage dating back 12 thousand years, it is extremely important to do justice to heritage both personally and with the history of what was Frank's Meat Market, where many in recent memory and journeys began with this centennial business.

What the customer wants!

Proudly we are purveyors of Harris Ranch beef products. We have had an overwhelming request to bring in Harris Ranch Beef. You asked for it in your kitchen and on your grill, so we brought it in. We will continue to offer aged steaks to your specification wet or dry.

Seasoning rubs and marinades, we have them. Free range organic chicken, well what the cluck, we have them too.

Many of our services will continue to be offered such vacuum sealing on requested orders for your convenience in your busy lifestyle. You have asked that we bring in grass-fed grass-finished beef. We are working diligently to bring that to you.

Grass Fed Grain Finished vs Grass Fed Grass Finished

Consumers today are bombarded with information on various beef products from grass-fed and grain-fed to natural and organic. As a result, many are confused about grain-finished beef compared with grass-finished beef. Here at Five Points Meat Market, we carry both!

Our primary beef provider is Harris Ranch with is grass fed, grain finished. The cattle used to produce Harris Ranch beef spend the vast majority of their lives grazing on grass. In fact, Harris Ranch cattle spend approximately 80% of their lives roaming western pastures and eating grass before being finished on a nutritionally balanced diet consisting of corn and other feed grains, plus alfalfa hay, vitamins and minerals. We've had very positive feedback from customers about the taste, tenderness and overall quality of Harris Ranch beef.

We also carry many cuts of Certified Piedmontese non-GMO grass fed, grass finished beef. These unique Italian-heritage cattle are raised in the Midwest and naturally develop more muscle mass and less fat than other types of cattle. Many customers prefer the leanness of Piedmontese, while others prefer the taste of Harris Ranch. It's nice to have choices, and we invite you to give both of these top quality beef sources a try!