Our Ethics

A butcher shop that even a vegetarian could love? Yes, you could say that this is exactly what Main Street Meats is – or strives to be! Sharon and the entire Main Street Meats team have created a market where everyone is welcome and where everyone can find high quality, locally-sourced and ethically raised foods. "Food with integrity" is one of Sharon's mottoes, and certainly integrity is something upon which everyone can agree.

Every single product in the market has been thoughtfully considered… What is it made of? Is it free of dyes and preservatives? Is it locally sourced or can it be? Was it humanely raised? Do we know the rancher and can we verify their practices and animal stewardship? In short, would we serve this to our own friends and family? If the answer is yes, then we proudly bring it into the market for your well-being and culinary enjoyment.

We are ranchers too, having been farming and raising animals right here in Ventura County for over 15 years. Prior to opening Main Street Meats, we build a reputation for selling the highest quality grass-fed beef and locally-raised eggs at various farmers markets in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Then in 2013 the site of the former Frank's Market became available, and we felt a strong calling to open Main Street Meats & Natural Foods Market.

We try to honor the legacy of Frank and Mike Rea and of this place which has been long known as Ventura's original and most loved butcher shop. Opened in the early 1920's by Mike Rea's maternal grandmother, the store was originally known as the Triangle Park Market ("triangle" referring to the nearby intersection of Thompson Blvd., Main St. and Telegraph Rd.) The market was leased as a restaurant for a brief period before Rea's uncle, Bud Kilmer, reopened it as a butcher shop, naming it Bud's 101 Market because back then Main Street also served as Highway 101! Mike's father Frank took over in the 1950's and renamed it Frank's Market. He built an honest business in the best traditions of an old-time butcher shop, which Mike Rea continued until his retirement in 2012.

This is the legacy that we honor, and though we've made changes (perhaps some that even a vegetarian would approve), we are proud to continue the tradition of Ventura's original butcher shop in providing real food, with integrity.

If you have any questions about the sources of our meats, poultry, dairy, eggs etc., please just ask. We'll be happy to tell you where today's selections come from and why we're proud to serve them.